"Gangnam Style" Kid Reveals He Was A BIG BANG Fan!

We're pretty sure you noticed that kid moving like Michael Jackson in the "Gangnam Style" music video. The dancing kid's name is Hwang Min Woo and is now probably as well-know as Psy in their native land South Korea.

He recently revealed that he was more into the K-Pop boy band Big Bang, and did not like Psy that much. All that changed when he was asked to appear on Psy's video, which now has over 500 million views on YouTube! During a recent TV interview, he said he knew about Psy since he was 5 years old but was really a fan of Big Bang.

 "I originally liked Big Bang better. But after I got the call to appear on his MV, I started to like Psy ahjusshi. Right now, I like æGangnam StyleÆ Psy ahjusshi more,ö said Hwang Min Woo. The "dancing child prodigy" caught Psy's attention when he was in the Korean talent show "Star King".


Psy's "Gangnam Style" is still on our MYX Daily Top 10 Countdown occupying the 8th spot!

Big Bang is currently in the Philippines for their one-night-only concert TONIGHT at the Mall of Asia Arena.

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