Guni-Guni Ni Miggy? CHICOSCI Frontman Shares Scary Tale

It's a fun day to share scary expiences. It's Halloween after all! 

MYXPH.COM got to talk to local musicians and asked them to narrate their own spooky stories.

CHICOSCI frontman Miggy Chavez tells us what happened one time inside their own home... where they are supposed to feel safe.

"Na-alala ko before kasi 'yung house namin, well my parent's house, it's really kinda old. May naririnig na din kami before na merong "spirits". One time galing akong gig, or gimmick or something, so pasok ako sa kitchen. alam n'yo yung point when you blink right before nagsara completely yung eyes mo, in that instance, parang may nakita ako! I know it sounds like b*llsh*t, well I think I saw something. Maybe I was drunk, maybe I was just tired. Pero I guess that's the closest I got to seeing ghosts."

Click the video below to view our full interview.

What do YOU think? Did Miggy really have an encounter with the supernatural kind, or was it a different kind of "spirit" that caused him to think he saw something? Leave a comment below.



  • Charenz

    posted 5 years ago

    lasing lng yaaaan! xD

  • Julven Malones

    posted 5 years ago

    hello myx vj asa sa myx news!!!!!