"TikTik Or Treat" With WOLFGANG On MYX Live @ 9PM!

WOLFGANG is in our Halloween list of 10 Creepy OPM videos with "Halik Ni Hudas" from the "Tik Tik: The Aswang Chronicles" movie soundtrack. Now, we're giving them to you live and loud!

Does the night belong to ghosts, vampires, or wolves?!?

Wolfgang takes the Halloween party indoors on the MYX Live stage at 9PM! Manila's hard rocking foursome performs their classic tracks, and their new arsenal of hits. Catch host Jett Pangan as he updates us with what's happening with this electrifying band. 

If you won't be going out trick or treating tonight, better watch Wolfgang on MYX Live on the MYX channel at 9PM.
Click here to view MYX LIVE behind-the-scenes photos. 

Check out our exclusive video below where the members reveal their guilty pleasures!

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