MARKKI STROEM's Haunted Home! The singer wasn't too fond of his condo unit. May nagparamdam na ba sa bahay ninyo?

Can't get enough of celebrity horror stories? MYXPH.COM is here to satisfy your craving for more thrills and chills. 

We continue our series of interviews with local artists regarding really terrifying personal experiences.

Singer Markki Stroem tells us a story from way back when he was living in his supposed haunted habitat. This was also the point when he was having a tough time in showbiz! 

Coincidence? Markki thinks otherwise. This is his "Multo sa Condo" story:

"Mga weird things happened like the TV turned on on its own without being plugged in. The computer chair moved back and forth. There's one time, there's a painting, it fell on the floor without hitting the two glasses in front of it." 

Even his pet was not spared from the paranormal activity inside his pad. "May aso ako, nasa loob siya ng cage. I left him in there. I went out for fifteen minutes, but when I came back, the dog was out of the cage, the door was open, and guess what, the cage was locked within. So parang may pumasok sa place, I don't know, and it stole something from the house. Hindi ko alam. Or maybe there was a spirit in the house." 

Markki then reveals that when he finally moved out of his unit, his life was changed for the better and started getting more projects.

Click the video below to see our full interview.

Was Markki's home haunted? Do YOU believe that his departure from his condo unit has something to do with the good fortune he currently enjoys? Leave a comment below.