FRESH: ONE DIRECTION's "Little Things" Music Video Officially Out!

After the release of their lyric video for the new single, "Little Things", the Ed Sheeran penned acoustic song has now its official music video!

One Direction has stayed true to the stripped down essence of their newest song and shot their video in a recording studio, performing and recording the song. No fancy stunts, no dancing, no girls -- just the five of them completely feeling the simple yet direct message of "Little Things". 

Plus, it shows Liam's trimmed locks and him playing the guitar. Zayn is little scruffy in this video and got his beard growing a bit. Niall and Louis, being the guitarists of the group, showcases their skills, playing along to the guitar parts that another young Brit songwriting phenom, Ed Sheeran, has created for the boys. Harry seems to want to channel how serious he is about seeing the perfect in every girl, no matter shape and size, by not smiling too much. But the camera caught Zayn poking Harry's cheek around 2:55.

This is it Directioners! Keep tuning in to MYX for the official announcement of the #LittleThingsOnMYX Premiere! Could this debut on the top spot again? We'll see about that! 

"Live While We're Young" is still dominating the MYX International Top 20! Keep voting for it on the Online Voting Box! Just register, verify your e-mail, log in and type TITLE OF THE VIDEO - ARTIST NAME on the box on the upper left side on the homepage! Simple!

What do you think of One Direction's newest video? Does the stripped down style suit them or do you prefer their more upbeat songs like "Live While We're Young"? Comment below!



  • AbbyPacada

    posted 5 years ago

    Guys, we need to vote for live while we're young NO. 2 na siya for 6 DAYS!!!

  • Kamichan13

    posted 5 years ago

    THIS! This is what meant for the JUANa DIRECTIONERS! Those eyes gives me chills.

  • millana

    posted 5 years ago

    oh... my.... G.!!! my name is noe directo. if you rearrange it and add I&O to my last name it'll be ONE DIRECTION... i'm totaly 1directioner..<3

  • LoiseLoves1D

    posted 5 years ago

    Litlle Things & Live While We're Young <3

  • kyrisse

    posted 5 years ago

    Wohoo pag yang little things pinalabas na sa daily top 10 nunumber 1 kagad yan!!