Something New To Sing When Going Caroling: Coca-Cola's Christmas Carol!

     It's that time of the year again! We can't deny that christmas is one of the favorite holidays of Filipinos worldwide. We undergo so many preparations for this holiday like putting up the christmas decorations once the "ber" months start, booking plane tickets so that the whole family would be complete for the holidays, preparing the menu for noche buena, buying gifts for loved ones and many more. It is also during this time of the year that most us take the chance to go door-to-door and sing christmas carols around the neighborhood. In a recent poll posted by, we asked you: "Anong Paborito Mong Kantahin Sa Caroling?" and undoubtedly, the song that was most voted for was "Thank You, Thank You (Ang Babait Ninyo)" which is usually sang after the tenants of the house has generously given money or food for your efforts to sing the high notes of you and your group's very own rendition of silent night. But aren't you tired of singing the same songs each and every year? This christmas, you can change it up a little as Coca-Cola, in its celebration of bringing 100 years of happiness to Filipinos, created a christmas carol that you can sing when you go caroling! 

Watch the video below to listen to the full song with the music video!

Are you going to sing this when you go caroling?