Bassist Francis Victa No Longer With NEVER THE STRANGERS!

L-R JP Del Mundo, Francis Victa, PJ La Vina and Anthony Libre

Never The Strangers bassist Francis Victa first posted last Friday in his Facebook account that he will be leaving for Canada.

Earlier today, Never The Strangers posted an official statement on their Facebook account.

Army of Strangers, as they call their fans, were saddened by Francis' departure from the band. They performed their last gig with Francis last Friday at Route 196 and celebrated a Christmas party together with their fans yesterday.

Never The Strangers, formerly known as Leonecast, was formed in 2006. After a series of member changes, it had been decided upon to change the name of the group. They first got the attention of the public when their song "Moving Closer" was used in a toothpaste commercial and became almost everyone's last song syndrome. 

No other details were announced regarding Francis' departure from the band. No dates were mentioned as to when he will come back here in the Philippines and re-join Never The Strangers.

As what the Facebook post said, they will still continue to have gigs and activities together with friends who will session on bass. For more updates regarding Never The Strangers, you can check out their Facebook page.

We all wish Francis Victa all the best and we hope to see him back again with Never The Strangers.

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  • kahtt

    posted 5 years ago

    Kuya Vishus! mamimiss ka namin! :((

  • XeNoN072

    posted 5 years ago

    See you soon Kuya Victa...