Truth Be Told Part 1: Relive The GREYSON CHANCE Experience!

EnChancers gathered last Sunday at Trinoma Level 4 Park for a fun-filled gathering for them as Greyson Chance fans dubbed as "Truth Be Told Part 1: Relive The Greyson Chance Experience"

The event served as a perfect venue for privileged fans who got to see the singer-songwriter up close to share their personal stories related to such wonderful experience. For those who didn't make it to the meet and greets, this once is the closest to having the opportunity to enjoy Greyson's presence in party mood setting. 

EnChancers gracing the stage with their performances.

Freebies, games and raffle prizes also took place and lucky fans won exciting prizes like Greyson Chance standees, pillows, autographed CDs, posters and more.

Lucky winners of Greyson Chance standees.

Winners of Greyson Chance pillows.

10 lucky fans won an autographed photo from Greyson himself with their names on it. And the luckiest winner of them all will get to receive a video message personally from Greyson Chance. There were also special citations for Greyson Chance fans who did well in essay-writing contests and artwork-making to name a few.

EnChancers indeed had an unforgettable night as they were greeted by Greyson Chance via video message. Fans immediately rushed to the stage to listen to what Greyson had to say to them.

They ended the event with a video of Greyson's recent performance in Trinoma last November.

For more photos, you can click here

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