"Pinang-galingan at patutunguhan ay iisa!" -EBE DANCEL

If ever the world ends tomorrow, what would you do? 

We wonder what your favorite OPM artists think about Armageddon, which supposedly happens in a few hours.

Ebe Dancel wants to spend his last few moments on earth with his family. 

"Doon nagsimula, doon dapat matapos... sa pamilya ko. Pinanggalingan at patutunguhan ay iisa," said the singer-songwriter. 

On a lighter note, we also asked him where would be the worst place to be in if ever the Mayan prophecy comes true. 

"Kubeta, na-imagine niyo 'yung kubeta niyo 'pag lumindol? Not good!"

Check out our MYXPH.COM exclusive interview with Ebe Dancel below.

Where's the worst place to be in on Doomsday? Leave a comment below.