One Hour Before DOOMSDAY! What Would URBANDUB Do?

We got to ask OPM rock band Urbandub where would they be exactly one hour before the end of the world. 

Frontman Gabby Alipe says he would want to spend his last hour on Earth in Singapore eating grilled sting ray and spicy squid! Bassist and the only rose among thorns, Lalay Lim will just patiently wait for the Mayan prophecy to be fulfilled... or not. "Maghihintay na lang," she says. Guitarist John Dinopol will just chill and smoke. We guess Jan-Jan Mendoza will be busy banging his kit as he had no comment on the subject.

Check out photos from Urbandub's MYX Mo! 2012 performance here.

Click the video below for our full MYXPH.COM exclusive interview.

What would YOU do one hour before the Armageddon? Leave your Doomsday comment below.