It's Doomsday And We're Wondering What KAMIKAZEE Would Do!

After their banging closure at the MYX Mo! 2012 last Tuesday, we caught up with the boys of Kamikazee and asked them what they would do an hour before the end of the world. 

Vocalist Jay Contreras said, "Yayakapin ko mga anak ko ng 1 hour." while it seems like Jomal Linao doesn't care about the end of the world as he is going to make an album. Led Tuyay on the other hand said that he'll be driving until the world ends while Jason Astete and Alan Burdeos didn't want to reveal what they would do before doomsday. We wonder why!

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Watch our exclusive interview with Kamikazee below:

We want to know what YOU would do one hour before doomsday! Share it to us by leaving a comment below!