Chill Lang Si QUEST Bago Magunaw Ang Mundo!

If you ask anyone what they would do before doomsday, most of them will say that they will spend time with their families and loved ones. But this time, we heard something different when we asked Quest what he will doo an hour before the end of the world!

"Nanunuod siguro ng DVD hanggang antukin, tapos pupunta sa ref, kukuha ng drinks, balik sa couch, nuod ng TV. Chill lang!" he said. While everyone is on panic mode preparing for the end of the world, why not try Quest's idea? For sure you won't think about doomsday!

You can check out some exclusive photos from Quest's MYX Mo! 2012 performance with Loonie by clicking here!

Watch the exclusive MYXPH.COM interview with Quest below:

Where will YOU be and what will YOU do before the end of the world?



  • Julven Malones

    posted 5 years ago

    si quest bago magunaw ang mundo!!!!!!