What Would SLAPSHOCK Do One Hour Before The End of the World?

We got to ask rock band Slapshock what they would do one hour before doomsday. Here's what they said:

Drummer Chi Evora said that he will probably listen to one of his favorite albums, "Baka 'A Perfect Circle'." he said. "Kung ano man yung ginagawa ko non, gagawin ko lang." said Lean Ansing. "I'm gonna try to make love," according to vocalist Jamir Garcia. Lee Nadela prefers to be with his family in an overlooking place while waiting for the end. We also asked the guys what's the worst place to be in on doomsday. "Siguro pag tulog ka." said Jamir. "Pag nastuck ka sa traffic!" according to Lee. 

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Watch the full exclusive MYXPH.COM interview with Slapshock below:

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