YENG CONSTANTINO Wants Some 'Apples' For Christmas!

MYXPH.COM got to ask some of YOUR favorite music celebrities what they would want to have as presents this Christmas.

We caught up with Yeng Constantino after the photo shoot for her soon-to-be-released and yet-to-have-a-title album. She tells us she wants a trio of Apple gadgets: an iPad mini, a new iPod (because she said she lost hers on a plane) and a new iMac. 

Now we see that the "Hawak Kamay" singer wants a new batch of Steve Jobs' gadgets before the year ends! 

So for all you Yengsters who are thinking of giving her Christmas presents, troop to the nearest Apple shop near you! She says you can have them delivered to her house. But of course she's only kidding, and any gift from the singer-songwriter's loyal fans would very much appreciated.

Check out our full interview with Yeng below.

So what do YOU plan to give Yeng? It doesn't have to be expensive, guys! Leave a comment below.