Wearing Less Make-Up Is NOT Part Of TANYA MARKOVA's New Year's Resolution

As the world turns a year older, it's almost always certain that we promise to become better earthlings in the coming year. 

The boys of Tanya Markova may appear and dress as beings from another planet, but that did not stop MYXPH.COM to ask what their New Year's resolutions are.

Keyboard player Heart Abunda wants to refrain from using foul language. 

Mowmow vows to quit smoking to the disbelief of Iwa Motors. 

Iwa must have had a heartache or two last year as he wants to "stop loving" this 2013. 

Both Norma Love and bassist Skrovak Iskapanjo want to get rid of their vices. 

Drummer Ruffa Mae Milby and guitarist Rez Curtis want to sweat it out and exercise. 

Lastly, Jennylyn Sucaldito promises not to stay up late as much as he possibly can.

We wish our 2011 MYX Music Awards Favorite New Artist winners the best of luck in accomplishing their goals for the year.

As for those of you who want them to avoid wearing face paint, and expose more of their "what a beautiful face", there's always next year!

Some of the highlights of Tanya Markova's career this year are their MYX Tugtugan stint; their inclusion in the The Reunion Eraserheads Tribute Album with their version of "Hey Jay"; and of course performing at MYX Mo! 2012.

Check out our MYXPH.COM exclusive chat with Tanya Markova below.

What's YOUR New Year's resolution? Leave YOUR answer in the comment box below.



  • Julven Malones

    posted 4 years ago

    i love you tanya markova......