Score An Awesome Custom Motorcycle At The Red Horse Pambansang Muziklaban Grand Finals On Feb. 2, 2013!

Experience Real Horsepower With A Steel Ride

ThereÆs no other collaboration thatÆs best suited for each other than of Red Horse Beer and Hardcore Brothers. For many hard rockers, the line from Bon JoviÆs ôWanted Dead or Aliveö (On a steel horse I ride) would best describe the connection of rock to the fearless rider. 

Red Horse Beer has been all about its strong kick and power and has patronized all the loudest and meanest hard rocking bands in the country. ItÆs just right that a powerful Vulcan theme motorbike is made to symbolize this yearÆs Muziklaban, joining the ideals of Red Horse Beer to motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Hardcore Brothers, who has customized motorcycles for numerous celebrities has designed the Red Horse Beer Vulcan Theme Bike to interpret the power of Red Horse Beer. TheyÆre no strangers to the rock scene: the Hardcore Brothers has had a long standing radio show at the now defunct legendary rock radio station in NU107 perfectly mixing their riding philosophies to rock music making them the best choice in creating this masterpiece. 

This loud, fast 900cc Vulcan theme bike with state of the art specifications is fully customized with San Miguel and Red Horse Beer logos û a Red Horse Beer plate number, bright tail lights that show Red Horse Beer, a speedometer with a horse shoe for a rev indicator with LED lights. There is also a beer cap for the massive gas tank, which has been carefully designed with fiery hues to complement the fenders and the metal plates engraved with the words Pambansang Muziklaban 2012. Also easily seen on the bike are the words ôExtra Strongö, making this piece of metal gear the most exciting symbol that has been graced with Red Horse Beer insignias all over. 

The Red Horse Muziklaban is all about giving everyone a chance to experience the rockstar life, including the chance to experience the strength and the speed of this bike by going to one great party with the meanest and loudest bands in the country. The Red Horse Beer motorbike will be raffled off to the rocker destined to ride this steel horse and experience a great shot of horsepower. 

If you want a chance to win this bike, raffle stubs will be given to those buying VIP tickets to the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Grand Finals happening this February 2, 2013 at Edsa corner Roxas Boulevard. You can also get your raffle stubs for every 4 cups of Red Horse Beer 330ml bought during the Grand Finals. For more information, check out

You can check out photos of the Red Horse Beer Vulcan Theme bike at Ni±a Sandejas' blog,! For venue details, check out the map below.

See you guys at the Red Horse Pambansang Muziklaban! February 2, 2013, EDSA corner Roxas Boulevard! Gates open at 3:00 PM!



  • Julven Malones

    posted 4 years ago