MYXCLUSIVE: COLTON DIXON On Christian Music: "It's very positive and uplifting."

MYXPH.COM got on the phone with American Idol season 11 contestant Colton Dixon!

Colton was eliminated during the top 7 of American Idol, it came as a shock to everyone because Colton was a consistent performer back then. Today, he is one of the successful alums that we're hearing on the radio, we see his songs climb the charts and he is set to release his debut album this month!

So, how is Colton's life after American Idol?

"It's crazy. It's a lot different than what I'm used to. It's a lot of fun," Colton says. "I've been really busy but it's all been really good," he adds.

Colton shares that he is so excited for the release of his debut album titled "A Messenger." He said that he's been listening to the record for about a month now. "It's been in my car for the past month and it's weird that people haven't heard it yet," he says. His only hope is that the listeners can connect to his music.

He was already able to release two singles from the album, "You Are," and "Never Gone," which topped the US Christian Songs chart. Colton said that making music is really what he wanted to do. "To be doing it now, it really is amazing. I'm just blessed," he shares. 

Colton grew up listening to Christian music and it is definitely where his heart is. According to him, Christian music is "very positive and uplifting which is what I wanted to do all along."

The 21-year old singer says that his goal is for the people to connect to what he is saying in his songs. "It's the message of the song that can pierce into your heart," he says.

His debut album is titled "A Messenger." We asked Colton, "As a messenger, what is the message you want to share to all your listeners?"

Colton said, "With the end of every day, the sun is coming up on the other side. There's a light to every darkness. I just want to encourage people with that. Whether it's a past that you're not proud of or a situation you're going through, there's a new day and you get to learn from the past and move forward."

Colton Dixon will be in Manila for a Valentines concert with Jessica Sanchez at The Big Dome on February 14 and according to him, "We're gonna have a good time on Valentines Day!"

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    posted 4 years ago

    can't wait to buy his and jessica's record...