Get To Know "Buko" Singer JIREH LIM!

His accumulated views in YouTube has reached a staggering 10 million and his song "Buko" (short for Buhay Ko) has reached over 8 million views.

He has attracted the attention of netizens around the globe when his self-uploaded music videos had gone viral, creating for him an audience that has transcended the cyberworld unto traditional media.

Radio has also picked up on this phenomenon and the song hit No. 1 in Lucena, Palawan, Cotabato, Cagayan, Pampanga and Metro Manila. 

Having no official release of the single, radio stations were forced to download the YouTube track and play it over the airwaves despite its demo quality due to public demand.

A music major from the University of Sto. Tomas, his live gigs are equally impressive. Jireh took on his passion early on in his life. He started playing guitar at 13 when found inspiration from the older students from school, who hung around playing and singing.

He befriended them, learned from them and soon enough, Jireh found his element. Since then, he played guitar every single day of his life.

Jireh grew up in Dasmarinas, Cavite, and presently shuttles back and forth from the US where his mom resides, and Manila, where the rest of his family lives.

"I started writing songs when I was 16. The first song I have ever written is called Stars Fade and remains my favorite to this day," he says. "I am not good in expressing my feelings upfront, so I grab a pen and paper instead and there I pour my emotions."

Just like any other artist, Jireh writes about experiences of other people too. He finds it fulfilling that he is able to elicit a smile through his music and feels amazing when he is able to make their pain go away.

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