MYXCLUSIVE: Danny O'Donoghue Invites YOU To Watch THE SCRIPT Live in Manila!

MYXPH.COM got the chance to have a phone interview with The Script's front man Danny O'Donoghue.

Their album '#3' is enjoying a huge success from all over the world and their first two singles, "Hall of Fame" and "Six Degrees of Separation" are both dominant in several charts.

"It feels so amazing. The band seems to be getting bigger and bigger and more confident. We were just 3 people from Dublin trying to create a band and here we are 4 years later. It feels like we're on top of the world," Danny said when asked how they take the positive response of the fans for their latest album.

Danny shared that their latest album is about the three of them, hence the title. Their goal, according to him, is to create music for the head, heart and feet of the listeners, no wonder why fans can easily relate to their music.

The Script is one of those musicians who write their songs based on life experiences. Danny said, "Songs are life experiences. It wouldn't be great if we don't have this and we don't have that. Life is really hard but it's beautiful. There are good things in the world that don't get talked about. Songs are the opposite of newspapers... Newspapers talk about death, destruction and how terrible the world is, but songs remind us how beautiful the world can be."

The band just released the music video for "If You Could See Me Now" and according to Danny, it is one of those songs they wrote while drinking alcohol. "Different alcohols can take you to certain places, beer can make you go crazy and whiskeys can make you talk about emotional things. It was a good way for us to be open enough to talk about things that are really hard to talk about.

Watch the music video below of one of their emotional and heart-felt songs, "If You Could See Me Now" and take a glimpse of some footages from their previous Manila show.

Mark, Glen and Danny were here in the Philippines last 2011 and we asked them what was their greatest experience here.

"The show itself, it was incredible. To have so many people singing back and it's not their first language, I just really feel so special that people would learn our lyrics. We weren't be who we are right now without our fans and obviously in Manila because we're not there that often but to be alive in the heart and mind of the people there really means a lot to us. All our fans are part of our story," he said.

The Script is coming back here in the Philippines! Be sure to catch their concert at the Big Dome on March 31, 2013 and sing along to your favorite The Script song.

"We're so proud that everybody got "Hall of Fame" to the top of the charts and we're coming back to thank you in person on the 31st. Bring your lyric sheets, your friends and your family because it's going to be a night to remember," said Danny.

What can YOU say about their new single "If You Could See Me Now"? Are YOU excited to see The Script live in Manila? What song are YOU most excited to hear them sing live? Leave a comment below!



  • SriptLover_TintTin

    posted 4 years ago

    I want to win the promo

  • kristajoy

    posted 4 years ago

    i want to win...i want to meet them:))

  • JesLovesKyu

    posted 4 years ago

    Wala po bang ticket promo for their concert ? I want it badly :/


    posted 4 years ago

    kailan po ba yan san sa manila

  • PriMARTSdonna

    posted 4 years ago

    Hall of Fame, Man who can't be moved and Six Degrees of Separation.