Here Are YOUR 2013 Favorite MYX Live Performance Nominees. Who Do YOU Think Will Win?

Today is the first day of March! And we're inching closer to MMA 2013!

This year promises to be an interesting year as the artists' fans are expected to get involved more than ever. 

Now, most people believe that the test of true artistry is when they perform their songs live and raw! 

That is precisely the reason why MYX showcases Pinoy talent every week on it's original program MYX Live.

MYXPH.COM will be helping you to decide which artist to vote for! Here are the highlights from this year's nominees for Favorite MYX Live Performance!

N o e l   C a b a n g o n

C h r i s t i a n   B a u t i s t a


G l o c - 9


K a m i k a z e e


A i z a   S e g u e r r a

This is the second consecutive year that you can vote online through , MYX Facebook page, and the MYX Twitter account. 

So show your voting powers, once again and put your idols on this elite list of winners!

To vote, log on to Voting period is until March 17, 2013 only.

The MYX Music Awards 2013 will be on March 20 and we will bring it you live on your computer screens via livestream!

Who will have YOUR vote for Favorite MYX Live performance? Leave a comment below!



  • shannen jann mari tria

    posted 4 years ago

    noel cabngon

  • angel143

    posted 4 years ago

    para sa kin c aiza seguerra

  • Julven Malones

    posted 4 years ago

    favorite myx live performance