HOW TO DRESS WELL Gives An "Intensely Engrossing Cinematic Experience" To His Filipino Fans!

MYXPH.COM witnessed How To Dress Well's performance  last Saturday at the B-Side Bar in Makati, a performance he himself described as an "intensely engrossing cinematic experience" with amazing live visuals.

How To Dress Well is the stage name of songwriter and producer Tom Krell. His career began in 2009 when his songs started to emerge online via free, digital EPs posted in anonymity on his blog.

The debut album, "Love Remains," was released in 2010. Combining a gorgeous falsetto with fractured R&B-influenced beats, an instinctive ear for subtly devastating melody and elements of noise, sound collage and avant-garde composition, "Love Remains" offered a beautiful window into a startingly realised artistic imagination.

"Total Loss," the current album, is described as an "album about sharing." "Total Loss" is about the rare sharing that can go on between people that pierces through the undeniable, sometimes unshakable struggle and pain of life. According to Krell, "Total Loss is a very beautiful record and I think it's something that's worth your time," he told MYXPH.COM during our exclusive interview.

Krell also shared the story behind his single "Set It Right" saying, "It is a totally one of a kind song. It's really loud and it's almost like a rock song. I sing this list of names of people in my life who I miss and who I felt detached from at the time of recording this song."'

We asked Tom Krell how he would describe his music in one word and he said, "Emphatic."

You can find How To Dress Well on Twitter: @HowToDressWell

Krell said that he loves communicating to people through Twitter and said that "It's cool to see 'internet friends' become 'real-life friends'."

Were YOU able to witness How To Dress Well's performance here in Manila? How was the experience? Leave a comment below!