MMA Throwback Thursday! Here Are The Previous Winners Of Favorite Remake! Who Do YOU Think Will Win This Year?

It's really tricky when artists choose to revive a classic rather than releasing a brand new composition. There is that guaranteed pressure of somehow reaching and even surpassing the popularity of the original song.

MYX honors the artists who breathed new life into the hottest Pop songs of the past, bringing them into light and bringing them to another generation of music-lovers.

Take a look back at the MYX Music Awards Favorite Remakes winners of the past years.

2006 - "I Need You" Mark Bautista (Original Artist: LeAnn Rimes)

2007 - "Your Love" Erik Santos (Original Artist: Alamid)

2008 - "Love Will Lead You Back" Kyla (Original Artist: Taylor Dayne)

2009 - "Very Special Love" Sarah Geronimo (Original Artist: Maureen McGovern)

2010 - "You Changed My Life" Sarah Geronimo (Original Artist: Janie Fricke)

2011- "Beautiful Girl" Christian Bautista (Original Artist: Jose Marie Chan)

2012 - "Unbelievable" Chicosci (Original Artist: EMF)

Do YOU remember the time when these videos came out?

Now check out this year's nominees here!

Vote for your favorites online through www.MYXPH.comMYX Facebook page, and on Twitter.

To vote on the website, log on to Voting period is until March 17, 2013 only!

The MYX Music Awards 2013 will be on March 20 and we will bring it you live on your computer screens via livestream!

Who will have YOUR vote this year for Favorite Remake? Leave a comment below!




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