It's Throwback Thursday On MYXPH.COM! We Look Back At The MMA FAVORITE MELLOW MUSIC VIDEO Winners! Who Do YOU Think Will Win This Year?

Let's take a sentimental trip down memory lane today!

Take a look back at the previous winners of Favorite Mellow Video at the MYX Music Awards.

We begin our list with Ms. Rachelle Ann Go. Her video for "From The Start" won the first ever award in 2006.

Christian Bautista seemed "Invincible" in 2007. The music video was done by award-winning director Treb Monteras III and was shot at NAIA Terminal 3.

Rachelle Ann Go won her second Favorite Mellow Video trophy in 2008 for the song "Alam Ng Ating Mga Puso". Check out her video on YouTube uploaded by her Solid Shinatics!

We all experienced a very special year in 2009 when Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo won almost every award at the MYX Music Awards including Favorite Mellow Video for "A Very Special Love".

Kyla's single "Old Friend" is a remake originally done by the late American singer Phyllis Linda Hyman in 1986.

Asiansation Christian Bautista won his second Favorite Mellow Video for "I Remember The Girl" two years ago.

Sponge Cola broke the "solo-singer-streak" last year for "Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay". The music video was directed by Yael's bro, Yanni, and was shot in Negros Occidental.

Check out the 2013 Favorite Mellow Video nominees here.

Vote for your favorite nominees in this year's MYX Music Awards!

There are three ways to vote, you can vote via , MYX Facebook page, and on Twitter.

Voting period is until March 17 only.

The MYX Music Awards 2013 will be on March 20 and we will bring it you live on your computer screens via livestream!

Who will have your vote for Favorite Mellow Video? Leave a comment below!



  • cyliecatz

    posted 4 years ago

    ILL BE THERE -- go!! go !! JULIE <3

  • rjlovestwitmyx

    posted 4 years ago

    12:51 na yan! :)) Nagtaka ka pa? :P

  • angel143

    posted 4 years ago

    bakit mahal pa rin kita by erik santos