Here Are YOUR Favorite Song Nominees For MYX Music Awards 2013!

You've heard some of the best tunes from your favorite artists in the year 2012.

Alin sa mga ito ang pinaka-hindi mo makakalimutan?

Boto na para sa iyong MYX Music Awards 2013 Favorite Song nominees.

1. 12:51 - Krissy and Ericka

"12:51" is Krissy and Ericka's first single from their second album, "Twelve: Fifty One" under MCA Music. 

The sister act of Krissy and Ericka started when they posted their videos on YouTube doing cover versions of some of the famous songs in the music scene.

Biggest theme song mo ba ito for 2012?

Watch the music video below:

2. Moving Closer - Never The Strangers

"Moving Closer" was the theme song for a toothpaste commercial that immediately gained radio airplays and positioned itself at several charts as well. 

It is the second single from Never The Strangers' self-titled debut album.

Watch the music video below:

3. I'll Be There - Julie Anne San Jose

Julie Anne San Jose released the single "I'll Be There" in 2012. 

It was a treat to all the fans of one of the most sought-after loveteams of this generation as Elmo Magalona appeared in Julie Anne San Jose's music video for "I'll Be There."

Watch the music video below:

4. Sige Lang - Quest

"Sige Lang" is one of Quest's inspirational R&B tunes that talks about the positivity that everyone of us should have despite the difficulties we experience in our daily lives.

Are YOU from Team Quest? Vote now!

Watch the video below:

5. Sirena - Gloc-9 feat. Ebe Dancel

"Sirena," feat. Ebe Dancel is included in Gloc-9's album "MKNM: Mga Kwento Ng Makata."

Gloc-9 admits being proud of this single that talks about the story of a responsible gay man.

The video features theater actor Abner Delina.

Watch the video below:

Vote for your favorite nominees in this year's MYX Music Awards!

There are three ways to vote, you can vote via , MYX Facebook page, and on Twitter.

Voting period is until tomorrow, March 17 only.

The MYX Music Awards 2013 will be on March 20 and we will bring it you live on your computer screens via livestream!

Who will have your vote for Favorite Song? Leave a comment below!



  • arthur ace deguzman

    posted 4 years ago


  • KrizelMalik_Directioner

    posted 4 years ago

    Ill be there :)

  • uncle R

    posted 4 years ago

    Moving closer by never the strangers


    posted 4 years ago

    chicosci- raspberry girl

  • sofitela

    posted 4 years ago

    Never the Strangers ' Moving Closer - sana