The Final Line Up Of THE MARTYÆs Band Revealed!

After months of competition, 5 lucky students from different universities are now part of The MartyÆs, a band you should watch out for!

From left to right: The MartyÆs winners: Chan Malubay, Sud Ballecer, Eunice Gatdula, Nokie Dalangin and Bam Butalid

5 students' lives have changed after a music-filled and a crunchy conclusion in the search for the members of The MartyÆs at the Eastwood Central Plaza last March 15. Vocalist Sud Ballecer from University Of Santo Tomas, lead guitarist Nokie Dalangin from De La Salle University, bassist Bam Butalid from Asia Pacific College and drummer Chan Malubay from STI were declared the final line up of The MartyÆs. Adding an extra O, Wow! moment, Eunice Gatdula from Asia Pacific College was announced as a surprise winner and the fifth member of the band, receiving the PeopleÆs Choice Award.

The MartyÆs performing ôChicharock Chicharollö

Before the exciting conclusion to this competition, music fans were treated to an entertaining show with host Ramon Bautista and a special performance from the 8 finalists, playing their debut song, ôChicharock Chicharollö. Like the unique veggie chicharon goodness of MartyÆs CrackinÆ, bands like Gracenote, Banda Ni Kleggy, Ebe Dancel and 6cyclemind gave a one-of-a-kind performance that really set the mood during the finals!

Judges RA Rivera, Gang Badoy and Francis De Veyra

Choosing the winners were tough for judges Ramon Bautista, Gang Badoy, Saab Magalona, Francis De Veryra and RA Rivera but the music and the energy of the whole night was off the roof and that made the entire event more memorable.

Winners received 100,000 pesos each and will have a full band experience under one of the most reputable band management groups in the industry; something most aspiring young musicians can only dream of! After declaring the The MartyÆs final line up, Pedicab and Radioactive Sago Project kicked off the celebration. After months of preparation, guidance and training, The MartyÆs is finally ready to make their music dreams a reality. The 8 finalists are still a closely knit group, gaining lasting friendships and irreplaceable experiences. 

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