MARTIN NIEVERA Sings His Greatest Hits TONIGHT On MYX Live @ 9PM!

In celebration of his three decades in the music business, MYX Live features Martin Nievera!

Tonight he will serenade us with the classic songs which defined 30 years of being one of the Philippine's premiere balladeers.

"It feels great! It's one of those few shows that you can sing live... dahil the sound is great the atmosphere is a very good atmosphere. A very welcome show for singers like myself," said the Concert King when asked about his MYX Live experience. 

Check out photos from his performance here.

"It was more challenging for me to sing my songs... because walang ibang instrumento kung hindi piano lang at si Louie Ocampo lang. More than anything they can expect to really appreciate the songs for what it is. Sometimes you can really drown the true meaning of the song sa areglo. Dito sa MYX Live you hear the song the way it was written; just a piano, just very simple, voice and piano," explained the singer.

So watch MYX Live tonight at 9PM!

"In this world of technology and high tech stuff, it's so great that MYX still has room for songs like mine and people like me," said Nievera.

Click the video below for highlights and our full interview with Martin Nievera.

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  • nikay_loving_u

    posted 4 years ago

    Martin's The Best!