April 1 Is Fun For MYRTLE And ALODIA!

Today is THE day for pranksters! It's the first of April once again. 

You might have encountered the old reliable fart bag on your seat. Or reacted to a shocking Tweet or Facebook status before being able to check your calendar for today's date.

Even YouTube joined in on the fun, announcing that it was shutting down!

No one is really sure how this annual prank fest came about.

As long as it doesn't harm anyone, including the prankster, it's gonna be fine to continue this tradition. 

MYXPH.COM got to ask two lovely ladies who do Cosplay about their thoughts on April Fools'. 

After this chat, we found out that Myrtle Sarrosa and Alodia Gosiengfiao surely know how to have fun!

"It's the time of year na you can do various pranks. Tapos when you do those pranks, people won't get that angry. I want to scare people kasi I really love wearing horror costumes. Sana i can scare people by wearing really weird, scary costumes this year," said PBB's Myrtle Sarrosa.

We surely hope we don't fall prey to Myrtle's spooky plans!

Click the video below for our full interview.

Alodia meanwhile, is having second thoughts if she should do another joke this year.

"Normally on April Fool's nangpa-prank ako online. Pero medyo weird yung nangyayari kasi people think it's really real. Last year sinabi ko 'I would be quitting Cosplay' up to now ang dami pa ding nagtatanong," reveals Alodia.

The Cosplay world, and even some of us who choose to be just our plain selves, would really be in a state of panic if she does retire.

Check out our full interview with Alodia below.

If YOU have to choose ONLY ONE, would you lie to play a prank on someone or would you do something of the physical kind? Would you trick someone with WORDS, or with ACTIONS?

Let's have some more harmless fun and leave your answer in the comment box below.



  • Julven Malones

    posted 4 years ago