JUSTIN BIEBER Has A Month To Reclaim Mally The Monkey!

Justin Bieber was given a four-week ultimatum to retrieve his pet monkey named "Mally".

The monkey is now in a German animal shelter after being seized from the Pop star when he failed to show the necessary documents at the Munich Airport last week.

Officials from the shelter said that if the teenage music sensation fails to present the certificates needed for the monkey's release, "Mally will be taken to a good animal shelter that has experience rearing groups of young capuchin monkeys and can ensure disoriented Mally becomes a healthy little capuchin." They also said that the primate was taken prematurely from its mother's care.

Meanwhile, a Munich Customs spokesman said that by the end of the month-long deadline, that's when they will decide if they are keeping the monkey at its present shelter or move it somewhere else. 

Beiber would possibly be fined an undisclosed amount for this incident.


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    Louis Tomlinson :]

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    niall horan <3

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    Harry Styles !!