SANDWICH Releases New Album "Fat Salt & Flame"

Much like the album æGrip. Stand. Throw.Æ -- the first album released in 1999û following Sandwich in 2013 still feels like epic and familiar.  Formed in 1998, SANDWICH has now existed for more than a decade and remains being influential in shaping the direction of OPM rock.

After the bandÆs most anthemic songs that kept the moshpit bouncing and seven award-winning studio releases, Sandwich returns with a new album "Fat Salt & Flame" via PolyEast Records and was launched at Centris Walk, Eton Centris in Quezon City last Friday, April 12. 

Frontman Raymund Marasigan said "Fat, Salt & Flame represents primal elements that are the building blocks for a mind-blowing good time. Myrene (Academia, bass) came up with the phrase (Fat, Salt and Flame). We were probably talking about a good steak at the time."

As the band returns for more after the release of 2010Æs ôContra Tiempoö, the new album kicks off with the single ôBack For Moreö-- weaving together the distinctive tones and melodies that have always been the heart of Sandwich. 

With repeatedly screams of ôàIÆm coming back for moreö, the singleÆs music video is now on MYX, as directed by musician/director RA Rivera.

"Back for more started as a chord progression by Mong (Alcaraz, drums). We jammed as he came up with the melody without lyrics. Like all of the songs we recorded, the demo by playing it live in our practice studio using a Zoom digital recorder."

Fat Salt and Flame sounds like the work of a band caught between old habits and new adventures as Marasigan shared "In this album we rehearsed, wrote and tried out the songs live for almost a year and quite longer time compared to our previous albums. We took the songs out on the road for almost a year then we recorded it live in the studio. Then in fifteen days we recorded live at Sound Creation Studios and Tower of Doom."

Collecting ten tracks in the production booth for a year with tricks that are familiar û MarasiganÆs gigantic choruses, mixed old and new formulas but in the end offers a spark of hope to the cynical. You can look for #sandwichrecording on Twitter and Instagram as the band documented how the album came about.

View our exclusive behind-the-scenes images from the "Back For More" music video shoot and photos from the "Fat Salt & Flame" album launch.

Check out Sandwich's "Back For More" music video below, which is now #12 spot on its second week in our Pinoy MYX Countdown.

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  • ohlalala~

    posted 4 years ago

    ang gwapo ni Mong!! XDDD

  • Knuckleoticx18

    posted 4 years ago

    PSY - Gentleman!!! XD