Watch A Very Special Episode of Rock MYX Featuring BLOC PARTY Today @ 3PM!

On a very special episode of Rock MYX, we will be featuring Indie/Rock band Bloc Party!

Watch their music videos and our MYXclusive interview with front man Kele Okereke during their recent visit here in the Philippines.

After forming in 1999, they finally settled for their name in 2003 that came with the release of their debut album "Silent Alarm." They released two albums after, one in 2007 titled "A Weekend in the City" and the other in 2008 titled "Intimacy."

Bloc Party then went into a hiatus after "Intimacy" and after five years, they are now back with their album "Four."

On our phone interview with drummer Matt Tong last February, Matt said that the band's break "was instrumental in ensuring that we can get back on the studio and be decent human beings to each other." Matt added that they all grew up during the hiatus and realized that they all valued being in the band and playing music with each other.

The band is known for their ear-splitting, head-banging songs "Banquet," "Helicopter," "Octopus" and "Kettling," to name a few.

Be sure to check out our photo gallery for our exclusive photos from Bloc Party's first ever visit here in the Philippines:

VJ Chino's MYXclusive interview with Kele Okereke

Up Dharma Down fronts for Bloc Party

Bloc Party Live in Manila Batch 1, Batch 2 and Batch 3

The awesome crowd at the Bloc Party Live in Manila concert

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