PINK Questioned on Concert Cancellation

Just like any other human being, artists get sick. They aren't superhuman and that is exactly what Pink had to say to her doubtful fans after her concert cancellation in Birmingham, England.

She had no control over the situation and had to cancel the show due to health reasons. Pink wrote on a letter addressed to the public that she was unable to continue on "because of an ear infection and chest infection all at the same time"that "even a doctor told me I could not go on stage wether I wanted to or not."

This is only a parcel of what she posted on her official website about a week or two after the cancelled show last April 22. She complained about receiving hate mail, calling these people those "that expect and feel entitled to perfection." In her letter, she challenges them to check out her track record of performances. She presses the fact that she never cancels or takes for granted her viewers' hard earned money. She wrote passionately, "I try to put the best show that I can, that any human being can, and i don't stop until I know you're happy."

She blasts her fans for questioning her condition and said "the fact that I don't get the benefit of the doubt from you saddens me." It is evident that Pink was deeply upset by the skepticism of some her followers, those who turn on her "like rabid dogs and question the moral fabric..." of her character.

Pink concluded with a remark to be remembered: 

"For the loyal and understanding fans- I am so so sorry if I've hurt you in any way. For the rest of you- Kindly kiss my entire almost back to healthy ass."

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Looks like the fired up fans fired up Pink as well. What do you think about Pink's response and letter? Leave a comment below.