Blast From The Past! THE ALARM and MODERN ENGLISH Bring The Manila Crowd Back To The 80's!

It was a blast from the past last 3rd of May at the Mall of Asia Arena. It was definitely a night that felt like the 80Æs.  Two of the biggest new wave bands came to Manila for a one night only New Wave concert.

To start things off, Juan Miguel Salvador and the Authority Band came out to sing for the audience. In efforts to pump up the crowd, Juan Miguel played ôBoys DonÆt Cry,ö automatically making most of the crowd stand up from their seats and dance.  The band consisting of all six members, played almost every hit from the 80Æs just to send the spectators back in time and put them in the mood.

DJ Jon Tupaz of JillÆs took center stage afterwards.  While the crowd began drinking beer, mixing and mingling, and reminiscing 80Æs memories, DJ Jon spun non-stop up until around 10:00 pm. 

 A 3-minute countdown suddenly flashed on the stage, making the audience quiver in their seats. The arena spoke in chorus ôten.nine.eightà.,ö and by the time it got to one, people began rushing towards the front of the stage.

The Alarm, from North Wales, came out and the fans went wild. They had viewers standing and dancing joyfully during most of their set. Lead singer, Mike Peters, began by saying on the microphone, ôI hope tonight is a beginning of a new friendship of ourselves with yourselves in the other side of the world.ö

They played ôRain in the Summertimeö and the crowd roared with excitement. A mob of fans stayed at MikeÆs feet as he sung and he interacted with them, even throwing water at the crowd at one point.

Mike sat down on the ledge of the stage and introduced ôThe Spirit of 76ö which was a film he shot at Wales. It was a sight to see and also a song worth to hear.

By the time their last song came,"Rescue Me", Mike went down the stage and began walking around the Patron area with his microphone in hand. Fans came rushing towards him getting photographs and giving him hug and pats on the back.

DJ Jon Tupaz appeared once again as soon as The Alarm left. He played until 11:30 pm. At that time the crowd was even more energetic than ever. Chants of ôModern Englishö began to spread through every seat and corner of the Arena.

By 11:35 pm, attendees of the concert were left baffled upon seeing Gretchen Fullido on stage. The moment she introduced Modern English, confusion turned into enthusiasm. The band came out singing loud and proud and the crowd followed with every line and verse.

ôIs everybody okay?ö lead singer Robbie Grey uttered, holding his tambourine, right after playing their first song ôSomeoneÆs Callingö. The fans went wild cheering and pumped up as ever.

 It was a sea of applauses when they played ôCome Out Of Your Hole.ö But ôInk and Paperö was the ultimate song that got the crowd singing wildly. They stood and started swaying with every lyric, singing along. 

 After which, they sang ôMoonbeam.ö This was the only time that Robbie finally took off his sunglasses, leaving the girls in the crowd screaming and cheering.

 Robbie introduced Hands Across the Sea saying, ôcause you æve been asking for itàö and a random fan began jumping up and down with excitement. Robbie continues on saying ôcalm down sir, we havenÆt even started yet!ö

They ended the set with the favorite ôI Melt With You.ö The Arena had one voice and each and every fan sang in chorus. Robbie remarked, ôDonÆt sing the verse, thatÆs my job!ö and the crowd laughed and giggled all together.

For their encore they played the aforementioned song again but in a slower version. It was an impromptu version that they made right there on the spot just to keep the fans happy.

Before leaving the stage Robbie said, ôI wanna see that in Youtube alright? Have a safe trip home!ö

It was a night of reminiscing and a concert that will be remembered. Check out their setlists here and here.

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