MIKE PETERS of THE ALARM: Blown Away By Fans got to sit down with The Alarm right after their set, last May 13 at the Mall of Asia Arena, to talk about the experience of playing live in Manila.

"We had no expectation," said The Alarm lead singer Mike Peters. They had only flew in the same day and did not know what to expect from the country and their fans. "We were really taken aback by the fervor from the audience," he continued on saying. Many Filipino fans have flown out of the country to see them play elsewhere before and so playing for them from the comforts of their home country was exciting for them. Peters shared that "to see them all together unified, singing the songs, and reacting the way they did was very humbling."

By the time they began playing, fans started to run toward the edge of the stage. People sang their songs by heart and there were even younger people in the audience who had come with their parents. "We're blown away because there aren't so many bands who do what we do these days. We're grateful to see everybody joining in with us, celebrating life and singing along," Peters declared.

When asked about their plans after the concert, he mentioned a film out in the UK called Vinyl. "We just did the soundtrack cover, and it will be coming out in the US soon."

As for his message to The Alarm fans, Peters said "Always believe in yourself. Believe in love, hope and strength. And keep smiling."

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