Musician Ballers Express Their Love For Their Moms! Watch The New Season Of MYX 3ON3 TONIGHT @ 6:30PM!

Basketball fever is all around! The second round of the NBA Playoffs is on going. For us b-ball crazy Pinoys, a single do-or-die game remains before the PBA finals begin.

Here on MYX, we also have our own basketball league which features your favorite artists battling it out on the hard court. Catch the premiere episode of MYX 3on3 season 2, tonight at 6:30!

On this special day, the players took time out to greet their respective mothers.

Last year's MVP Jamir Garcia reveals the permanent bond he has with his mom.

Yellow Team member Mong Alcaraz' mom is surely smiling down on him from heaven with this touching tribute.

Monty Macalino of last season's champion team says that Mother's Day is not a yearly thing but a weekly event for him.

Watch the MYX 3on3 second season premiere featuring the Red team and the defending champs Green team. 

Tune in to the MYX channel at 6:30PM!

Happy Mother's Day to all YOU super moms out there!

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