JASON MRAZ Did It Again In An Awesome Concert!

The country needed a break from the 2013 elections, and Jason Mraz provided just that and more!

In his fourth, and hopefully not the last, visit to Manila, the American singer/songwriter had the perfect "remedy" to make the nation forget all its worries last night: two hours of his music and lyrics.

The musician, who is in the country to promote his current album "Love Is A Four Letter Word", even had some words of wisdom for the sold-out Manila crowd. 

"I think what we worry about is maybe something that has to do with our past and so we don't want it to happen again... we put our past in our future and we worry about it. But the future isn't written. It's right there before us all wide and clear fresh and clear. We could be totally cool with each other from now on. we could beautify the planet, beautify each other and live right here with the beautiful animals and people etcetera etcetera etcetera," preached Mraz just before doing his song "They Shaped My Life"

There was also a bonus performance from the so-called "random girl" who is now a certified recording artist of Warner Music Philippines. Zendee opened up the show and returned to the stage to do a duet with Mr. A to Z on his Grammy winning song "Lucky" to the delight of the jam packed Coliseum. 

She was actually handpicked by Jason Mraz to be his front act. Mraz' management people were there during Zendee's guesting on The Ellen Degeneres show.

Other highlights of Jason Mraz' 2013 concert were: the charismatic Mona Tavakoli making Jason's guitar a percussive instrument on "You Fuckn Did It"; that intimate acoustic jam with the whole band on "Living In The Moment"; and the finale of the show where the whole Araneta was singing along to a mash up of  Jason's smash-hit "I'm Yours" and Bob Marley's "Little Birds".

Check out the setlist below:

The World As I See It 
Everything Is Sound 
The Remedy 
They Shaped My Life 
3 Things 
Frank D. Fixer 
You and I Both 
Living in the Moment 
Make It Mine / Live High 
Only Human 
You Fckn Did It 
I'm Coming Over 
The Woman I Love 
A Beautiful Mess 
93 Million Miles 
I Won't Give Up 

Song for a Friend 
I'm Yours mashed up with Little Birds (Bob Marley cover)

It was a night Pinoy fans will never forget and will leave us hoping Jason Mraz comes to the Philippines one more time!

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MYXPH.COM thanks the lovely people of Warner Music Philippines, Ovation Productions and Music Management International.

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  • angel143

    posted 4 years ago

    sayang hindi ko naka punta sa concert ni jason. :(