AVICII: A Silhouette Live in Manila

It was a massive party last night at the Mall of Asia Arena. Hundreds and hundreds of fans,young and old, filled the area just to get to see and hear the Swedish DJ perform his one night only concert. 

Thanks to Republiq, Driven Manila and World Wide Bomb, Avicii got to fly back to the shores of the Philippines to offer his Filipino fans his mind blowing EDM- Electronic Dance Music.

As early as 8:00 PM, people came scurrying in, ready to enjoy the night away . So much so that the foyer of The Arena was a fashion show of teenagers and yuppies alike wearing the hippest outfits and most stylish party ensembles. It was no doubt that even at that hour, people knew that the night was going to be one big celebration.  

Come 9:00 pm, the crowd began to thicken. Lines outside the venue lengthened and the halls were practically jam-packed with fans awaiting the beginning of his set.

DJ Ace Ramos went on stage to hype up the crowd, but it was only until the Bass Jackers came out that the audience got really fired up. 

Imagine the sight of a sea of people. A sea of girls and boys jumping up and down, and singing along. The crowd began to chant Avicii''s name and a thin white curtain began to draw up.

The crowd went wild as soon as his name flashed unto the LED screen. The sheet dropped and the fans greeted him with constant screams of excitement. 

Avicii had every member of the audience standing up, it didn't matter if you were in the VIP, patron, upper or lower area. He got the crowd fist pumping and swaying to every beat he hit. The crowd went wild with every song played. Girls and even boys were being carried on top of their friend's shoulders in celebration. 

Among his long list of tracks, he played songs like "Fade Into Darkness," "Don't You Worry Child," "Levels," and "Silhouettes" accompanied by psychadelic LED lights, fire, smoke, confetti and sparkles that really got the audience dancing non-stop until a little over 1:30 AM.

The concert ended abruptly after an encore and an invitation to the after party at Republiq. 

Indeed the event will be one that will vividly be remembered by Filipino Avicii fans. Check out photos from the concert here.

Did you come to the concert or wish you had done? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!



  • kirs0293

    posted 4 years ago

    wow!a great performance of Avicii..nice!
    hoping you will come back soon..and taste the philippine native foods...

  • kirs0293

    posted 4 years ago

    great performance of avicii...i love it!
    hoping that he will come back soon...

  • RALlemit

    posted 4 years ago

    how i wish i could have witnessed this one.