DOMINO Releases New Album "Mantis"

Domino a.k.a. Lally Buendia is out with her brand new album under MCA Music. 

"Mantis" contains 10 tracks which are all about "deep songwriting wrapped in a fresh electro pop sound". 

MYXPH.COM got to talk with Ely Buendia's sister minutes before she launched her new record.

How does it feel to finally launch "Mantis"?

My band and I have been talking about it actually and it just feels like any other gig. I think it just hasn't sunk in yet. Pero thinking about it right now, it's funny because this album took three years to make and now the launch is finally here. Actually, I'm relieved. That's it, relieved. Later siguro I'll be happier and mas hyper but right now I'm just relieved.

Why did it take 10 years before recording an album again?

Actually maraming nangyari. I reprioritized nung time na 'yun. I went to school. I did a bit of work sa advertising. I'm also raising my daughter. Nung time kasi na 'yun she was just five years old. So 'yun na muna inasikaso ko noon. Pero na-realize ko, this is actually what I wanna do for the rest of my life. I love performing, I love singing, I think I write great songs so this is actually what I wanna do. This is what I'm good at. So hindi ko pwedeng kalimutan lang. I can't leave it the way I left it a decade ago. So I decided to come back to it. And I think this is the right time. Things unfold in their own time.

Where did you get the album title?

"Mantis" is actually a reference to the TV show "Kung Fu". May character kasi dun na tinatawag siyang young grasshopper and I liked that (television show). But I think "Mantis" is just a better title than "Grasshopper" so 'yun I chose "Mantis".

What's the story behind the song "I Love You, But I'm Driving"?

There was this one time kasi na my daughter and I were going to the mall. I was driving. Bata pa siya 'nun eh, she was a toddler pa lang. So medyo parang na-iirita na siya. Parang umiiyak na siya. Tapos sabi ko, "I can't sweetheart. I love you but I'm driving". She was trying to sit with me sa driver's seat. Siyempre hindi (pwede) so 'yun. Those words actually came out of my mouth and I thought na parang "That's funny and maybe I could try to write something about that someday" as a joke lang pero tinotoo ko. And here it is in the album and it's actually the first single.

What was Kuya Ely's role in the making of the album?

He actually helped out a lot. He helped get this album made, as in seriously. He also produced a couple of tracks on the album and he actually played on one track or two.

What's the current single "Eight Days" about?

"Eight Days" was actually the time it took for me to wait for something. Actually, this is a personal song and I wrote it with someone in mind. I cannot really say anything right now without actually revealing too much. I can say na it's a pop song and it's about new love. I hope na-channel ko yung emotions of new love into this song; the butterflies, the chills, 'yung expectation, hopes. So sana madinig nila 'yun sa song na 'yun.

Where can we find you online?

You can like my Facebook page. It's I'm also on Twitter. Please follow me @lallybuendia. I'm also on Instagram. I don't take a lot of pictures but I'd really appreciate if you follow me. It's lallybuendia as well. I'm also on Tumbler so if you guys are into that,

"Mantis" by Domino is now out in CDs at leading record stores nationwide.

Check out photos from the launch here.

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