BARBIE ALMALBIS Talks about Work and Life Out Of the Music Scene got the chance to speak to Barbie Almalbis at the 12 Stone Inc. Press Launch, and got to talk to her about work, and life out of the music scene. 

With the upcoming music festival, Barbie seemed more than excited to get to play for her fans along with some of her closest and longest friends in the music industry. 

"I am so blessed to be part of this management. I'm so happy that I get to work with these guys kasi they're also artists e. They really speak our language." Barbie says that fans can expect crowd favorites like "Torpe", "Just a Smile" and "Tabing Ilog." She continued on saying "siyempre sina Kitchie Nadal din, "Bulong"... tutugtugin nila lahat yun." 

"Matagal na kaming magkakasama kaya masaya!" says Barbie. She shares how she's most excited to let the fans hear the new music from 12 Stone Inc., like Absolute Play and Save Me Hollywood, which are really great new bands that are coming.

While preparing for the mall tours and the music festival, Barbie busies herself with her family. "I have two kids...I spend a lot of time with them," she says. But of course she always finds time to prioritize her passion for music, a passion that her husband firmly supports. "My husband is also an artist so we are very involved in each other's work...pare-parehong wavelength." With a parter like that, Barbie values how she gets the opportunity to improve on her craft. "We love talking about art. Our work ethic...our time...the way we manage out time...we understand each other cause we are both artists."

Get to hear Barbie's sweet voice and music again soon! Catch the 12 Stone Inc. artists jam together and play for their fans!

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