JASON MRAZ: Same Curious 12 Year Old Spirit

"Music takes me to a lot of really interesting places." said the American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, who just recently played a show at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last May 14th. With the Philippines as one of his stops, it makes us all wonder what he finds interesting about our country. 

"I love that I have fans there" he said, when we at got to speak to him. "When we come, it's all about the music. We just come to play songs, have a good time, and maybe eat some crazy food," he elaborates. 

During his past concert here in Manila Jason got the chance to work out in the field against human trafficking. When asked about the experience he mentioned that he got to meet some brave young girls who have been going through some really awful things that use up their strength, through their survival and their endurance, to help others.

"It was a real honour to get to go there and share my music with those give know..a day that's different than the next," Mraz remarked. Jason has been an advocate for so many causes that when he was questioned as to what was closest to his heart, he answered "my heart is so easily influenced and is occupied by so many."

 It was after his travel to Ghana, where he shared his music to the kids subjected to human trafficking, that he put up his own foundation to support a wide variety of NGO's and charities."This sort of thing, I never thought that I would do that. I am not a courageous guys. I'm a kid that would rather sit in his room, stay home and play songs. And let my voice do all the heavy that (trip to Ghana) really woke me up to just how far one human can go. It really set me out on a new course."

Fans can see how his passion to serve reflects in his music. Jason said "the last song on "Love is A Four Letter Word," called "The World as I See It", is a world view...we are all just part of the earth. " He continued on saying "I seldom sing about issues. I'd rather sing songs that are healing for humanity so with that humanity can be strong to tackle its issues...rather than sing about the issues and forget about humanity."

He has definitely come a long way from his first album "Live at Java Joe's" and yet he feels as if his music style has not changed at all. "I still write a variety of songs. Some songs I write feels like the same voice that I've had when I was 18. But I can definitely tell that my age and my current experiences are showing up in the songs. So I think that's the only thing that's changed," said Mraz. Indeed, more experiences  has led him to come up with songs quicker and more naturally. He expounded by saying, "I approach them now with more skill. But the voice and the curious spirit in me is the same curious spirit I had when i was 12 years old. I still feel like the movie of my life is still the same movie I dreamed when I was a kid."

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