New Look, New Faces. This Is The New MYX!

After two years, MYX is out again with a more fresh look and a bunch of hip new VJs to come along with it! Catch fun graphics and goofy personalities liven up the channel with this year's reformat!

MYX is keeping it fresh with a new group of people, logos and studio sets. It has come to that time again to evolve with the audience and spark up another breed of interest.

Now there are more colors, as the team behind the number one music channel in the Philippines thrust for more a energetic vibe!

Hosted by VJ Nikki Gil and VJ Chino Lui Pio, the press conference yesterday gave the members of the media and fans of the channel alike a better idea of what MYX has to offer this time around. 

Mr. Andre Allan Alvarez, MYX Channel Head, opened up about his vision that came with the revamping. He said that the trends in this generation is what MYX tries to reflect. So the channel needed to do necessary changes to keep up with the times. 

One change we can refer to is the MYX VJ Search. Instead of a two-month long audition followed by another two to three-months of challenges, and putting hosting talents to the test, MYX did what they did five to six years ago, a private audition. "We are happy with our results and welcome the new members of the MYX family," said Mr. Alvarez.

The conference went on with an introduction of all three VJs. University of the Philippines graduate,VJ Ai was the first one to be introduced. People may know her as a courtside reporter and might have heard her sing at some gigs. 

"I always wanted to be a VJ more than a singer. Hangang ngayon I still don't think I can make it in the music industry," she said. She further explains that with all the people she meets in the industry, she often gets discouraged. But being a MYX VJ is a dream for her. It's a dream turned into reality. "Di pa nagsisink in na I'm a VJ!" Ai remarked. 

Ateneo De Manila University graduate, VJ Karla followed afterwards. This 22 year-old might be a familiar face for you if you have seen her blog. "I make babies cry and dogs bark," said Karla when she was asked about having a vocal talent. She refers to herself as the wild card in the group of three. "I'm the joke!" she said. She just currently left her job at an accounting firm and recently got a new job as a pre-school teacher while she works with MYX. 

The third VJ is one almost all would know. VJ Sam may have established himself as an actor and a performer, but this time he ventures into hosting. "It feels amazing! It's really great to be here. Some of the best gifts you receive are those you dont expect. This is one of them," Sam said. 

When they were asked about challenges that they have faced so far as the new members of the MYX family, Sam answered saying, "being a VJ is never easy, you have to keep being interesting. That's something im striving for." For Sam it is something different because he's so used to playing different roles. When he acts he exudes another character, when he performs he exhibits a certain aura, but when it comes to hosting, all he has to do is be himself. "I am able to represent myself and my fun side!" said Sam.

But what is it really about these three that booked them the slot as the new VJ's? Mr. Alvarez said, "For every MYX VJ, we always look for potential. We strive to look for new energy and new personalities." MYX aims to look for characters which viewers can identify with. So much so that they would want them to be his or her friend. 

All three new VJs agree. MYX is a family. It "feels like home," said Sam. And viewers can only expect fun from the entire channel and these three.

What do you think of MYX's new look and VJs? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 



  • iamthewalrus

    posted 3 years ago

    Anu po title ng music nyo dun sa commercial ng new myx?? :)

    -i also want to know the song playing (an electronic house music) on the commercial when the myx logo and the cable channels were displayed??? :)

  • Miren154

    posted 4 years ago

    ano po yung title ng song sa latest commercial ngmga myx vj's??

  • azurijayps

    posted 4 years ago

    i hope na magkakaroon ng gospel myx upang tayo ay mgsamba ky lord and hope na dumami pa ng mga brand new shows

  • j_alonzo09

    posted 4 years ago

    Anu po title ng music nyo dun sa commercial ng new myx?? :)

  • buterapple

    posted 4 years ago

    Tweet me hahahaha