"It's Possible!" - RICO BLANCO On Reuniting With RIVERMAYA

(Screen shot from Rico Blanco's "Lipat Bahay" music video)

In a flashback scene on his latest music video "Lipat Bahay", Rico Blanco could be spotted wearing a Rivermaya band shirt. 

Is this a taste of things to come for hard core Maya fans? Will we be witnessing the original members together again on one stage?

"A Rivermaya reunion is possible... but I don't feel like doing it now," said Rico Blanco in a recent press conference.

He added that there's no chance of a reunion concert just yet because of the mere fact that Rivermaya, with Mark Escueta as the only remaining original member, recently released an album.

"Respect to the band, they're still around. They even have a new album and I wish them well."

The "Amats" singer is also overwhelmed and grateful for the clamor for Rivermaya to get back together, but said that all ex-members, including himself, have other things going on in their respective careers.

"Nathan, Bamboo and Mark... I think we all deserve to do gigs that we want to do. We've paid our dues... People are nostalgic and want to go back to that time, but I'm still busy making new music for kids to be nostalgic to in the future."

Other former members of Rivermaya are guitarists Perf de Castro (now residing in the States) and Kakoi Legaspi (now sessions for artists including Bamboo); bassist Japs Sergio (now a frontman for Peso Movement); and vocalist Jayson Fernandez (who recently went solo).

Rico is currently promoting the third single "Lipat Bahay" off of "Galactik Fiestamatik". He will be performing in his first ever solo concert "Rico Blanco Live!" to be held this coming Independence Day at the Music Museum.

Check out photos from the press conference here.

Click the video below to see Rico's full statement.

What are YOUR thoughts on a Rivermaya reunion? What are the songs YOU would want to hear in case it finally happens?

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