JESSICA SANCHEZ Spends Time For A Video Chat With Her Filipino BluJays!

In a special Skype session last Friday at the MCA Music office, Jessica Sanchez spent time to talk to her Filipino BluJays!

Lucky fans, who won the Odyssey promo went to the venue early as a sign of their excitement because they were given the chance to ask a question to their idol!

At exactly 9:30 in the morning, Jessica Sanchez was already on the line as her Filipino fans were screaming their hearts out the moment they saw "Mommy Jay."

"You guys are so adorable. The Filipinos are very, very talented," said Jessica.

When asked about a possible duet with American Idol season 11 winner Phillip Phillips, Jessica said, "Nothing in the talks right now but I absolutely love him and he knows who he is so, I would love to!"

In ten years, Jessica said she hopes to travel the world and be able to spread her music everywhere. "Hopefully I get to sing with you guys by then, you're so awesome!" she adds.

The 17-year-old singer, who has released her debut album "Me, You & The Music" revealed to us the most challenging part when she recorded the album.

"We recorded 20 tracks and only 10 got in the album so there was a lot to cut. It was pretty hard. I guess the hardest part was trying to select the songs for the album because I love all the songs that we recorded," she said.

As for the best advice she got from award-winning singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, whom she collaborated on her carrier single "Tonight," Jessica shared, "He gave me a lot of advice about performing and touring and about my career in the long run. He's like my big brother. He just said, 'Don't worry about what other people say or what other people are thinking just do what you got to do on that stage and it will be awesome.'"

To all the Filipino BluJays out there, here is Jessica's message to all of you:

"I love you guys so much. You guys are the best, the most amazing. I can't wait to see you guys soon because I am gonna be over there in a while. Hopefully I can sing with you guys, give you hugs and just hang out with you. You guys are the most amazing, I love you so much!"

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  • Julven Malones

    posted 4 years ago