FOte de la Musique: Brings People Together

What on earth is FOte de la Musique? No idea? Well, if you've missed it, don't worry, there's next year! got to talk to Giselle from B-side productions, co-producer of FOte de la Musique, and got to find out the story behind the event. 

According to Giselle, FOte is actually a French tradition where people join together to celebrate music. "It started in the early 80's around France, where there's a pretty common busking culture. People from all walks of life go out on the streets and play music. It's and informal..."Giselle shared. 

When FOte de la Musique was adapted her ein the Philippines, it became a multi genre tradition. It was later on, 
honored by France. "From a very very small celebration it has turned into a massive music event awaited all year long... it's the biggest free admission concert," Giselle said. 

For the team behind the event, the whole point of fete is the uniting power of music. And they try to make every year a new experience for everyone. 

Giselle imparted, "this year we made a tribute to Michael Jackson, who is one of the most biggest musical icons ever. We honor him. and it only seems fitting since its all about how music brings people together."

Aside from that, the team encourages the musicians of the main stage to collaborate with each other. It's something the team calls "musical cocktails." "It's interesting to see how each act on the main stage, from various genres, are able to interpret the songs by the King of Pop... and how its able to influence so many people," she said. She further expounded by saying "in FOte 2013, we tried to see how there's musical dialogue between different artists."

This year there were 11 stages with over 120 acts. Everyone from established musicians to relatively newcomers in the scene played for the public and celebrated music. 

Giselle concluded the little chat by saying:
"We hope to do this again every year and make it bigger and better."

So for you guys who missed out, don't worry. There's next year! Join in on the fun and be merry for the power of music!

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