FATMAN SCOOP Puts the Crowd's Hands Up In the Air at Swerve 2013

The Grammy winning hip-hop promoter and radio personality Fatman Scoop landed in Manila to sing for his fans and auto enthusiasts.

Last June 28, 2013, Fatman Scoop graced the Swerve 2013 that was held at the World Trade Center. His performance was such a hit that he was able to get the crowd jumping along with him and singing lyrics to his tracks! 

It was definitely a memorable concert since he did not only get fans to stand on seats and dance to every beat, but he got them to form a circle around him as he sang and interacted with the local artists who were there. The show went on downstage where everyone could get a hold of him. His energy filled the big room and left the audience wanting more after his last song. got to sit and talk to the artist to find out about how he felt about the Philippines. When asked about his expectations of the people and the country, he said, "well I know many Filipino people from living in New York City, so everything they told me was pretty much what it was out here. I had never come to Manila, so I was hoping that people would show upàand enjoy themselves and have a good time!"

He shared that he is on the search for the "Filipino seafood." He has experienced the streets of Manila and as he said "saw the real Manila, and how the real Philippines isàand I love it!" He continued on saying "it's just a crazy experience coming out here to Manila for the first time. I love it!"

Come to think of it, it's amazing that he found time to visit the country. With all the big names he has worked with before, it's an honor that Fatman Scoop was able to rap and sing along with artists of our own during the concert. asked him about how he felt bout working on such great hits and he said:

"I know those people personally, so its just going in the studio and making something." He continued on explaining "I never looked at it likeà wow! I'm in the room with Mariah Carey! or wow! I'm in the room with Janet Jackson. I just went in and did my partà.except for when I did a song with Timbaland. He is the most amazing producer I have ever met in my life!"

He even shared how the music "Drop" came to be. He said the vast recording room Timbaland had left him astonished that he couldn't think straight. They had to do it inside a broom-like closet! 

Now though, Fatman Scoop is working on a mix tape with a New York producer. He said that in his spare time he reads and meditates. He said, "I love quite time and making my mind still and playing and visualizing the future that i want."

When asked who else he wanted to work with, he came out saying "I wanna work with people who are new and coming up! 'Cause that's where it's at!" Fatman Scoop is for spreading music all across the globe that he even sees a possibility of working with a Filipino artist!  "If I could do something with someone who's really known here, that would be a great thing!," he expressed.

Fatman Scoop ended the interview with a message to his fans saying, "keep partying. Stay positive. Stay strong!"

Wish you didn't miss the concert? Who do you think he should work with? Let us know by leaving a comment below!