UAAP Host Adamson Pep Squad Falcons Are More Determined than Ever got the chance to visit this year's UAAP school host, Adamson, and got to talk to the people behind the cheers and the bubbly school spirit.

Dan Rabino, captain of the team shared his view on cheerleading. He said he never expected to get into it but that he was glad that he is in the field. "Minahal ko na siya... napamahal na ako sa mga...parang, nagkaruon na ako ng bagong pamilya. Kaya gusto ko ng cheerleading kasi mamahalin ako ng grupo," he said. 

Indeed we can see how he was loved because from his humble beginnings, he has now ranked up to be the captain and head of the pack.  He said that the public should expect that the the Falcons will be bringing their all this upcoming cheerdance competition. 

Coach, Joseph Mascarinas, agrees with what the captain said and shared how they have all been more determined. "I'm not saying that for the past few years we were not. but it's just that this year, we are the host of the UAAP season. Expect that we are more determined and more eager to do our best," he said.

It looks as though it has been a grueling process of polishing for the team. The coach stresses that they have focused on cleaning the technicalities and the different aspects of cheerleading. "Cheerleading is more is parang the icing on the top," he explains. Aside from the stunts, tosses and pyramids, the Falcons embrace the dance part in it all and offer to give something new. 

"We give more heart... not that the other schools don't give heart into their performance or routine, but we put our heart and soul into it," he concludes.


Catch the Falcons today at the UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2013 and see if they will be one of the teams who will be competing for the trophy!

Who do you think will win this year? Let us know by leaving a comment below!



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