50 Cent Charged for Attacking Ex-Girlfriend


 Someone couldn't control his temper! 

Rapper Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, was charged recently for a mishap with his ex-girlfriend. The said artist attacked and trashed the victim's home amounting to five years in prison aside from $46,000 in fines if proven guilty. 

50 Cent is now under the microscope for the charges of domestic violence and vandalism.

No word has come out from the artist's representatives but the lady said that aside from kicking open the bedroom door where she locked herself up in, the singer also kicked her too.

Looks like 50 Cent will be facing a lot of questions soon. Read more about the incident here. 

How do you feel about 50 Cent and this little event? Do you think it will affeect his music? Leave a comment below!