SESSION ROAD Guitarist, Nag-inARTT!

Coy Placido, guitarist for bands sessiOnroad and Top Junk travels a different avenue. He recently opened his first ever art exhibit. 

Composed mostly of digital art works, "The Garden" is located at the Sweet Ecstacy Shop in Cubao Expo. 

"It is all about the play on dualism... mostly inspired by graffiti, street art and things that are quirky," said Placido about his pieces of art.

Despite heavy rains, the grand opening was a success with musical performances by Coy's bands as well as his friends from the industry; Kaze, Abby Asistio, Coffeebreak Island, Peryodiko and Pedicab.

See photos from the event here.

A handful of pieces were immediately sold during the gallery's premiere.

When asked about why he finally decided to showcase his visual artworks, Coy says he finds little difference in what he does in the field of music and his newfound passion. 

"Nakilala ako ng mga tao bilang musikero, gusto ko din pakita 'yung side ko na marunong akong mag-dumi ng mga walls," citing an early childhood memory of doodling on the walls of their home with crayons. 

"Habang tumatanda parang gusto mo nang gawing medyo professional level. So sineryoso ko at cinontain ko na lang siya sa mga digital paints and canvasses," added the artist.

Coy Placido's "The Garden" exhibit runs until September 22 at the Sweet Ecstacy Shop at the Cubao Expo.

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