NESH J's "Unity In The Dance Community" Brings Dancers Together

Every year, G-Force's Nesh J tries to come up with an event to bring dancers from far and wide together. This year, MYXPH got the chance to see dancers and performers unite and move as one for the love of their craft!

MYXPH sat down with Nesh J and tried to find out how the annual "Unity In The Dance Community" came to be. "I've been dancing since I was little. dancing inspired me. I saw different groups, so I decided to put up an event to unite the dance community and to make it one huge family," she said. 

She went on talking about how Big Shift studios has helped her so much in her endeavor. According to Nesh J the studio called big Shift, besides being a company that offers digital production, music, dance in the kinetic arts, marketing, and advertising, is also a company that has helped make her dream event come to life. "They helped us make this event come to life and (it) supports all the dancers in the Philippines to pursue their dreams," she remarked.

On board making this dream a reality is Jhong Hilario. We found him immersed in the audience during the program and yet still got the chance to pull him away to find out what he has to say about the event. "Actually ako napagisipan ko na yan... pero naisip ko sino kaya magiging partner ko? Nagkaruon ng Big shift... Before napagusapan namin dance studio lang na business. Di ko inexpect na ganito lalaki!" he said when asked about his reaction to the success of the event. Jhong and Nesh have bumped elbows before in ASAP, Jhong shared. This is why working together for the Unity In The Dance Community was a breeze. "Di ko alam na before ko pa siyang kinuha, meron na palang Nesh J dance community. Sobrang lucky na si Nesh yung nakuha ko sa Big Shift," said Jhong. 

Both are trying to make the dance community even a bigger one. "Sa bansa natin, pag walang tumayo, walang magpupush.... Pero ngayon meron tayong Ms. Arlene Timog na CEO ng Big Shift na very supportive"

As long as there are people who are willing to help each other raise the bar for the dance community, the Philippine dance society will continue to grow if not flourish.

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