IYA VILLANIA Wows The Crowd on Her ASAP Birthday Number!

Photo taken from @iyavillana's Instagram account

Iya greeted her 27th birthday with a bang!

For her 27th birthday, she took on a somewhat death-defying performance that most probably required much training and preparation. Dressed in black she dared to face a wall that showed her great stamina and flexibility. 

Just like any year, most fans and friends expected one breathtaking show from her. She has tried doing a circus themed performance before but this year, the star did another type of dance number which left the crowd in awe and surprise.

Rigged on stage was a wall that held steel bars. On to it, she climbed fearlessly exhibiting stunts that proved just how talented and daring she is. 

It looks like she was pleased with the outcome of her hard work! You can definitely see how her fans feel the same way about it as shown in the comments they left oh her Instagram account below.

What else can we expect from Iya? Next year will be another birthday and surely another amazing show! For now, watch the said performance here so you can understand just what we are talking about!

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  • simplysam

    posted 4 years ago

    i saw this and hindi ko talaga to pinalampas. Im a big fan of vj iya! :) and i could die just to see her. :)

  • kenjiggs

    posted 4 years ago

    happy birthday to me and to ms. iya...
    hey myx... i want to be an ultimate one direction fan..please pick me........many thanks

  • ja1207

    posted 4 years ago

    happy birthday ate iya...