"Everything's A Rehash!" -BAMBOO On Today's Music Scene. Watch Him On My MYX @ 6:30PM!

We got to ask our MYX Celebrity VJ Bamboo his opinion on the state of our local music scene.

"These days it sort of a bit stagnant na, eh. Everything's a re-hash it all sounds the same, blah blah blah," said the artist during the launch of his repackaged solo album.

"Hence maybe that's why I did 'No Water No Moon'. I did something I thought that's not gonna sound anything that's from this time."

The former band vocalist turned solo artist admits he dislikes what's being heard on today's mainstream radio.

"It's come to a point where I have to search for my music, which is fun it brings you back to parang dating days where we still have to look and really find artists that speak to you."

"The Voice of the Philippines" coach also said he is now waiting for a new artist who will bring something fresh and change the way things are going for OPM.

"That's why I'm on 'The Voice' waiting for the game changer. I think it's there... 'Yun ang inaabangan kong time uli, eh," said the 35-year-old musician.

He has nothing but hope for Pinoy music because of its role in defining us as a nation. 

"I hope things do well here, man. Music's such a key to our culture. Where ever you go in the world that's what speaks to us talaga, eh. You see other cultures they have their own thing, their own sort of traditions, and music is sort of  our soul or roots it tells a story."

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In YOUR opinion, what's the current state of OPM?